Exclusionary Coverage

The world of extended warranties can be overwhelming at times. With so many terms to wrap your head around, it’s no wonder you have some questions. If “what does exclusionary coverage mean?” is at the top of your list, we’re pleased to announce that you’re in the right place.  

An exclusionary extended warranty, also referred to as a vehicle service contract, provides drivers peace of mind by handling covered repairs for used and new vehicles. When it comes to protecting your vehicle, there are several types of protection programs you can invest in. You’re probably familiar with powertrain coverage and bumper-to-bumper warranties, but most people don’t know that exclusionary coverage provides the most protection 

The ‘exclusionary’ part means that your entire vehicle is protected apart from anything on a list of exclusions. On the flip side, inclusionary coverage only covers the components stated on a list of inclusions.

Total Exclusionary Coverage

You may ask, what is total exclusionary coverage? Total exclusionary coverage is when you have full exclusionary coverage which is the best coverage you can get for your car.

Normally, exclusionary coverage covers repairs necessary due to mechanical failure of:

The engine

The transmission as well as the transfer case

The differential assembly

The drive axle

The seals and gaskets

The steering

The electrical components

The air conditioning

The brakes

The front and back suspension

The fuel delivery system

The cooling system

Investing in total exclusionary coverage is a good idea. If you run into mechanical issues in your car, most components will be covered with an exclusionary warranty. You won’t have to personally cover the repair bills by yourself, which means you will save, sometimes, thousands of dollars on repairs.

What Exclusionary Plans Don’t Cover

While exclusionary coverage plans include almost all the components on your vehicle that could possibly malfunction, there are still some instances where an exclusionary plan won’t cover the cost. One of the main exclusions in these plans are maintenance services, like oil changes and getting new windshield wiper blades.

Generally, these plans also won’t cover physical damages that occur in an accident or collision. Those issues will have to be taken care of by your vehicle’s insurance provider. Any cosmetic damage or damage sustained due to a lack of maintenance will also not be included in an exclusionary plan.

Exclusionary plans will also typically not cover aftermarket parts that have been added to your vehicle outside of the original manufacturer’s conditions. If you currently have exclusionary coverage and plan on modifying your vehicle, check with your plans provider, as you could potentially void your plan.

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Enhanced Powertrain

When shopping for a used car, if you are offered any warranties at all, it will most likely be a powertrain warranty. But what does it actually mean?

In short, powertrain warranties cover everything that makes the vehicle move, including the engine, transmission, and all the parts that connect the power to the wheels.

Powertrain warranties are designed to provide peace of mind for consumers when purchasing a vehicle. They are offered by the seller and/or manufacturer to repair or fix an issue with the powertrain if it is not performing properly.

What is a Powertrain and Why Does It Matter?

The “powertrain” of a vehicle combines many different components, including:




Transfer Case (for all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles)


Internal Working of the Engine

Engine coverage normally includes:

Cylinder Block and Heads

Internal Parts

Oil Pan


Water, Fuel, and Oil Pump

Fuel Injectors

Gaskets and Seals


In addition to the main parts listed above, some powertrain warranties also cover things like:

Wheel Bearings and Hubs

Axle Shafts

Exhaust and Intake Manifolds

Other Parts

Basically, the powertrain system provides and converts power to the vehicle. The term “powertrain” can also be applied to motorcycles, boats, airplanes, and other pieces of machinery that use an engine for power.

In order for your vehicle to run, the engine has to create power for the car, which is then transmitted to the transmission. Learn how a transmission works.

The transmission takes the power that is created by the engine and transfers it to different gear ratios, transmitting is as torque.

Through the driveshaft in the vehicle’s transmission, the engine’s energy is transmitted to the wheels, which of course, moves the car forward or backward. Computer sensors help to transcribe information to the output sensors.

What Does a Powertrain Warranty Cover?

A powertrain warranty usually covers everything that is involved in the process of providing power to the wheels of your vehicle. This includes the most important and expensive parts of the vehicle: engine, driveshaft, and transmission.

If you are wondering if a part is covered by your powertrain warranty, ask yourself “does it make the car run forward or backward?” If you answer “yes,” it is probably covered by the powertrain warranty.

If your engine, transmission, or any other part that powers your vehicle stops working, a powertrain warranty will replace or repair the part at no cost to you.

Purchasing a used vehicle with a powertrain warranty gives you peace of mind that you are not buying a lemon. The powertrain warranty covers the vehicle’s most expensive equipment.

Often, they are also the longest lasting warranties. If a mechanical problem should arise, the powertrain warranty will normally cover it.

When shopping around for a used vehicle, always look for powertrain warranty information.

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Stated Components

Enterprise Auto Protection has a wide array of Stated Component Coverage plans. Every part and system specifically listed in the contract is covered under the chosen plan. If one of the listed components experiences a mechanical breakdown, we will cover parts and labor to repair or replace it. Stated component coverage is available on vehicles with starting mileage as high as 200,000 miles, and most plans also offer 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car/substitute transportation, and trip interruption reimbursement to give your customers the added confidence needed to make a vehicle purchase.

Peace Of Mind For Drivers

Adding to Enterprise Auto Protection’s best-in-class coverage, with most Stated Component protection plans, you and your can select optional upgrades that offer even more peace of mind. When protecting your investment, you can select upgrades like protection for high-tech sensors, zero deductibles and many more benefits.

While in the unlikely event of a claim, you can be confident that Enterprise Auto Protection will provide best-in-class customer service through our veteran claims adjusters and dedicated support staff. We deliver a No Worries experience, helping strengthen your relationship with our company.

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