Frequently Asked Questions

How are repairs paid and what is the process?

How claims are paid is dependent on which auto warranty provider you decide to go with. There are a lot of different ways this process can be handled. Some companies choose to use a reimbursement program in which you pay for repairs and they send you the money for it after repairs are finished. We highly discourage using these companies. Others choose to pay for claims direct using a membership card or via telephone. This is the faster way to get your repairs completed and your money is never in play.

What kind of cars can qualify for an extended warranty?

You can get an extended auto warranty for almost any vehicle. There are very few restrictions on what type of vehicle you can put a plan on.

What repair outlets accept extended warranties?

Depending on what company you choose to purchase your extended car warranty from, you will have options of what mechanic or repair facility to use. Some of them are more restrictive than others, so ensure that you purchase your warranty from a company with the most options and choices for your repairs.

How long will my warranty last?

Auto warranty terms can vary and it depends on what plan that you choose. They generally range from 3 to 7-years.

How do I purchase an extended warranty?

Once you have chosen where you wish to buy your auto warranty, and you have done all appropriate research, purchasing your plan is very simple. Extended warranties generally come with flexible payment plans and zero interest or financing fees.

Where can I find a warranty for my car?

There are numerous places to find a car warranty, but you need to be sure that you choose a company that can be trusted. Check out our information on the various car warranty companies that are out there and see how they stack up against each other.

How much does an auto warranty cost?

This question is difficult to answer. In fact, it is impossible unless you call the auto warranty company yourself. That is the best way to answer this question. As we said in the previous question, these companies have a very extensive criteria on how they determine the price of your plan, so we cannot give you an exact price.

Is an extended car warranty necessary if I am still covered by my manufacturer’s warranty?

Car warranty companies base the price of your service plan on a variety of things: age of your vehicle, mileage on your car, the make and model of your automobile, etc. While the list could go on and on, the earlier you get your vehicle protected, the less it will cost. So even if you are still covered by your manufacturer, you qualify for the best level of coverage and the lowest price by covering your car now.

Do I need an extended warranty?

It is our expert recommendation that everyone needs an extended car warranty. The way that automobiles are manufactured, they are not meant to last forever. The manufacturers themselves know this, which is why they put the original factory warranty in place. An extended warranty extends the life of your car which saves you money. The manufacturers want you to buy a new car when your original starts to get old and worn. By protecting your car with an auto warranty, you will keep your car maintained and taken care of.

What is a manufacturer’s warranty?

This type of warranty is commonly referred to as a “factory warranty”. It begins at the point of sale and it is the manufacturer’s way of saying that your car will be free of breakdowns or defects for a specified period of time. If for any reason you do experience an auto breakdown or a component failure, the manufacturer will pay for it to be fixed/replaced at your dealer.

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